Energy facilities and substations

The production of structures for energy industry construction projects accounts for 60% of the production capacity of ASLA.

We are a supplier of main steel structures (MSS) and auxiliary steel structures (ASS) to high (HV) and very high voltage (VHV) substations throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia. For example, we implemented the construction of entire OK units for TR Prosenice, TR Výškov, TR Přeštice and others. This segment and the satisfaction of energy construction suppliers is our priority.

Another segment we focus on are high voltage pylons and street lighting.

If you are interested in any Energy facilities or substations, contact us now via the online form and have a professional partner for your structures and constructions.

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Surface treatment

We always try to supply steel with the maximum possible layer of zinc, for maximum safety and durability of structures in substations.

Our implemented projects

Uvodní foto

Prosenice realization 3rd stage phase

Delivery of the third stage of the main and auxiliary steel structures to Prosenice

Dodávka POK TR Znojmo

Realization TR Znojmo

Delivery of auxiliary steel structures to Znojmo



Production of stools (Supporting steel structure)